It all starts with the Sun…

…The overabundance of solar energy enables our world to flourish with an amazing diversity of life.

The WORLD is our Gameboard

EconomyFinancial Resources

Natural Resources + Human Resources

SocietyHuman Resources

Government + Education + Business + Non-Profits + Spiritual Groups + Community

EcologyNatural Resources

Land + Air + Water + Energy

The Gameboard

Our World

To make life a bit more fun and playful, we often think of it as a game. Depending upon your level of interest and ability, you can treat the gameboard as big as your community or the entire planet or as small as your home or office space.

Scalable Self-Sufficiency

Since everything is interconnected, we have to consider ourselves parts of the larger whole. We’re individuals physically and psychologically. We’re also parts of groups in society, who fundamentally breathe the same air, drink the same water and consume similar products and services from the same globally finite and shared natural resources.

Social Levels

The fundamental unit of global society is each one of us as individuals. Most of us are parts of households and some sort of public or private business or institution. These households and entities make up communities, which make up precincts, districts, counties, states, territories, provinces, etc., which, in turn, make up nations and ultimately all nations

(plus the air and water) make up the planet. Being interconnected means that each of these levels impact each other. Our actions impact our homes, businesses and government. Our homes, businesses and government impact our communities. And our communities ultimately impact our nations and the world at large.

Data < Information < Knowledge < Wisdom < Truth

Capacity, Compassion & Accountability Increases Proportionately to Truth.

Theory of Communication

The interpretive continuum

Core Framework

Mathematics is the core framework with the tightest interpretative gap relative to our experiences. To translate all fields of knowledge, the narrow end of the cone could be represented by cellular automata.

Hamilton’s Principle and the Laws of Thermodynamics are the most fundamental rules running through every scale of every system, ultimately leading to network theory and represented as a meta hypergraph with edges, nodes and attributes as hopf fibrations.

stagesPhysical - Existence & ExperienceEmotional - Meaning, Logic & ActionMental - Learning & BeliefSpiritual - Wisdom & Love
worldviewsMechanistic - Innate & AutisticFormism - Egocentric & AbsolutisticOrganicism - Multiplistic & RelativisticContextualism - Systematic & Integral
needsSecurity & ImprovementSecurity & ImprovementSecurity & ImprovementSecurity

Needs-based Theory of Human & Societal Development

needs-based theory

Of Human Development

The will to live and improve quality of life is based on our innate drive to maintain or increase pleasure, or reduce or eliminate pain. Self-interest(4).

Pleasure = Satisfied Need
Pain = Unsatisfied Need

High-Tech, High-Touch Implementation Strategies

Web-Based Tools & Experiential-Learning Prototypes Create Remarkably Fertile Grounds for Regenerative Innovation!