A Few Cool Projects & Tools

to Help Create Some Better Rules

Certain rules are supposed to change with the times… some lag longer than others.
We think the lag can be a real drag & offer these projects & tools to help
educate, advocate & innovate toward a healthier future.

Meet your Soilmate

Connects you with others in our local food system to help build a supportive ag community that’s dedicated to improving food sovereignty.

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A powerfully fun set of new advocacy tools that shine a light on the political process & provide great ways for you to take informed action!

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A high-tech, high-touch approach to hands-on learning that uses TV, web tools, activity books & more to help educate our keiki & community about sustainability.

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Palaka Moon Farm

Sustain Hawaii has partnered with Palaka Moon Farm to help it become a sustainability-oriented, experiential learning center & innovation incubator.

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Sustain Hawaii & Palaka Moon Farm have partnered with ‘Ai Love Nalo to improve the sustainability in the food supply chain from soil to sale.

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A statewide food system metrics platform for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, funded by the Ulupono Initiative, to enhance data-driven decision-making.

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‘Āinability acts as an evolving state-wide agricultural information clearinghouse, agricultural match-making service, a “local, ag Amazon”, a meta CSA (Community Supported Agricultural System) and more. ‘Āinability helps connect you with other people in our local food system to help build a supportive agricultural community that’s dedicated to improving food sovereignty. View More

Policy Ninja

Policy Ninja is an affordable, fun new tool set that allows community members and organizations to have a powerful voice on issues they care about.  By combining action pages with money-in-politics transparency, Policy Ninja can take your advocacy campaign to a whole new level!

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Waltah the Worm

Waltah the Worm is the new star of an educational TV show that’s a bit like a sustainability-oriented, Sesame Street in Hawaii. The programs feature content experts, organizations & local practitioners doing exemplary, hands-on work in sustainability for our 21st Century Ahupua’as. Each program includes STEM-based curriculum for students visiting these outdoor classrooms for experiential learning at its best!

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Palaka Moon Farm

Thanks to a generous grant from Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, we’re transforming the farm into a sustainability learning center & innovation incubator. We’ve built our first nine of several dozen learning stations & are eager to begin the next dozen or few. Applied science, research, development, deployment & refinement makes Palaka Moon Farm a fabulously fertile & fun place to learn, work & play.

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Healthy Food Systems

To improve the health of our local food system, we need to understand the interdependencies within the food supply chain and the resources & policies that influence them. Tracking imports, exports & locally grown foods/crops by acres, weight, dollars, calories &/or nutrients can begin to highlight gaps & weaknesses within the system, and allow data-driven decisions to more efficaciously move us in a healthier direction.

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Health, Wellness & Security

For all to prosper, we must have equitable access & ability to satisfy our most basic needs of health & security. Understanding our intricate interdependencies deepens proportionately with enhanced physical, emotional, cognitive & spiritual need-satisfaction within our ecological, socio-cultural and economic systems, enabling us to progressively act more efficaciously in the best interests of all.

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