Worm Bins


Worm bins are a simple, but effective composting system that uses worms (typically “red wigglers” called, Eisenia Foetida) to break down food waste products and other organic material and turn it into a valuable soil amendment called vermicompost.

Through a consumption and excretion process, the worms create vermicast or highly nutrient-rich soil which can be directly mixed in with potting soil and/or used as a top dressing for indoor and/or outdoor plants. You can also make “compost tea” by simply adding compost to your watering can or rain barrel, then allowing the mixture to steep for a day before watering your plants and/or garden.

Do it yourself!

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Benefits of Worm Bins



  • Breaks down waste
  • Creates nutrient-rich soil
  • Provides organic fertilizers


  • Promotes healthy crops and foods for people to consume
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Creates business opportunities


  • Savings in having to drive or pay for waste drop offs / pick ups
  • Savings in soil and fertilizer purchases
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