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A compost bin is an efficient way to make nutrient rich soil using common household waste.Compost bins allow for control of the four factors that affect the speed of decay: oxygen, water, food and temperature. By managing these factors, the process of decay can be expedited and transformed into mulch, fertilizer and a soil conditioner for your garden.

On average, Hawai‛i residents produce 10 pounds of trash each day (compared to 4.5 pounds of trash for mainland residents). Tourism and Hawai‛i’s heavy reliance on the importation of food and goods contribute to this problem. According to the City & County of Honolulu’s 2006 Waste Characterization Report, on average, 17-22% of O‛ahu’s trash is comprised of compostable green waste and organic materials. By using compost bins, the amount of compostable



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Benefits of Home Composting


  • Reduces waste
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Reduces input in landfills
  • Requires less fuel for trips to the dump


  • Provides organic soil, which creates healthier foods
  • Educational opportunity


  • Decreases need to purchase fertilizers and plastic garbage bags
  • Reduced in fuel costs
  • Enhanced growth in organic fruits and vegetables, which can be marketed and sold accordingly
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