Chicken Tractor


Chicken tractors are small movable chicken coops. They are commonly used for pastured chickens who graze on fresh grass. The tractor is moved on a regular basis (as needed for the chickens) to provide the chickens with fresh areas where they can forge, scratch the ground, and feed on bugs.

While occupying the space, the chicken manure goes directly into the grass, providing a natural fertilizer for the soil. They are one of several humane and healthy alternatives to growing poultry, and especially popular in urban and suburban settings due to its potential home-grown egg productivity.

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Benefits of Chicken Tractors



  • Natural soil tiller
  • Provides natural organic fertilizer
  • Reduces waste


  • Provides healthy organic eggs (protein)
  • Enhances crop productivity
  • Reduces waste


  • Reduces need to purchase organic eggs, fertilizers and tilling equipment
  • Less maintenance
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