Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Black Soldier Flies are nature’s own ultimate food recyclers that have proven to be a great composting solution. They do not bite, sting, create a nuisance, or transmit diseases. In fact, they inhibit the growth of the common house and fruit flies. The Black Soldier Fly larvae consume scraps of food very quickly (even before it begins to rot).

Without a working mouth, the adult fly is solely devoted to reproduction. It looks for decomposing plant matter to lay its eggs. Once her eggs are laid, the adult fly has accomplished her mission in life, and dies shortly thereafter. The males also die shortly after mating. The larvae remain on the food source as they pass through several substages of growth, until they are ready to burrow into the earth to complete their development into adults. When the larvae are ready to pupate (around 2 to 4 weeks after eggs are laid), they secrete their digestive system, lose their mouth, and produce an antibiotic coating. Therefore, unlike house flies, they cannot carry disease between wastes and foods we plan to eat. This also makes them safe to feed to our animals. In particular, the BSF larvae is an excellent source of complete protein, balanced lipids and calcium for your chickens, fish (aquaponics) and livestock. They comprise of approximately 34% – 45% protein, 42% fat, 7% fiber, and 5% calcium. Soldier flies are common in Hawai’i and are active year-round.



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Benefits of Black Soldier Fly Larvae


  • Waste reduction
  • Creates nutrient-rich compost
  • Provides organic fertilizers
  • Bioconverts discarded organic material into usable biomass


  • Promotes healthy crops and foods for people to consume


  • Provides feedstock for chicken, fish, birds, and pigs
  • Savings in compost purchases
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